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The Boss
boss dog shirt
This boss dog shirt has a stunning color palette and bold tone contrasts that will make any pooch the star of the party! Black, red, and white create a clothing item that will be hard to overlook, no matter the setting. With only the words "The Boss" embroidered on a red cotton material, this shirt's design is minimalist and powerful at the same time. Available in an impressive array of ten sizes, going up to 5XL, this tee will suit big dogs like German Shepherds perfectly. With Parisian Pet you can order these large dog shirts wholesale to make sure your business stands above the competition.

Item# Item Name Qty Add
P024XXS The Boss - XXS
P024XS The Boss - XS
P024S The Boss - S
P024M The Boss - M
P024L The Boss - L
P024XL The Boss - XL
P024XL2 The Boss - 2XL
P024XL3 The Boss - 3XL
P024XL4 The Boss - 4XL
P024XL5 The Boss - 5XL
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