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Canada Dog T-Shirt
canada shirt
Featuring a simple and stunning design, this Canada dog t-shirt will add a personal touch to a pup's wardrobe. The gray cotton material is embellished with a simple heart shape that contains Canada's flag, replicated using white and red rhinestones. The matte fabric and gleaming stones create a stunning contrast  in this otherwise simple design. Available in six sizes, this tee will fit even tiny dogs perfectly, making it a must-have for your store! Buy these Canada dog t-shirts wholesale today to increase your profit margins more efficiently with Parisian Pet!

Item# Item Name Qty Add
F007XXS Canada Dog T-Shirt - XXS (Out of Stock)
F007XS Canada Dog T-Shirt - XS (Out of Stock)
F007S Canada Dog T-Shirt - S (Out of Stock)
F007M Canada Dog T-Shirt - M (Out of Stock)
F007L Canada Dog T-Shirt - L
F007XL Canada Dog T-Shirt - XL (Out of Stock)
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