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police dog shirt
With this eye-catching police dog shirt, tiny and large pooches will be able to pretend they're part of the K-9 unit! This design provides a sure way to bring smiles on people's faces, especially if the tee is worn by a cute and tiny Chihuahua. Made with a black color tone and bright white letters and yellow accents, this police shirt for dogs will stand out from a distance. The impressive number of ten sizes include XXS and go up to 5XL, ensuring a perfect fit for both small dogs and large German Shepherds. Give your profit margins a boost and order these wholesale tees for dogs today.

Item# Item Name Qty Add
P031XXS Police - XXS
P031XS Police - XS
P031S Police - S
P031M Police - M
P031L Police - L
P031XL Police - XL
P031XL2 Police - 2XL
P031XL3 Police - 3XL
P031XL4 Police - 4XL
P031XL5 Police - 5XL
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